Friday, January 14, 2011

The Achievements That Muslims Have Made Over Time

      Over time muslims have made many achievements. The achievements were made in astronomy, philosophy, geography, literature/arts, medicine, and mathematics. All of these achievements affect our world today.

      The main achievements made in medicine included creating a medical encyclopedia called the canon. This helped cure the people. A doctor also discovered how to cure small pox, which was a huge deal back then. Muslims also used other cultures knowlage to make advancements.

      The main achievements in mathematics were that they combined the Indian number system, with greek mathematics to form arabic numerals. They also introduced the number zero, and created two books; one for foundation for modern algerbra, and the other to explain the new number system.

      The main achievements muslims made in astonomy were that the greeks invented the astolobe to help figure out there location on earth. The muslim scientist also developed new methods in time keeping. Because of being able to tell were they were the muslims could figure out were they were and what time it was so they could pray at the right time and face Mecca.

      The main achievements made in Geography is that by studying astronomy helped people learn how to use the stars to calculate the time and location. They also used the cresent moon and stars  as signs to represent religion among muslims. They also were able to make precise maps. because of this people were able to travel around the world because they new were they were.

      The main achievements in literature/art is they wrote a lot of poetry and enjoyed reaing short stories. They also created amazing art work like architecture, but did not show animals or people because they believed that only god could create humans or animals or there image.

      The main achievements in philosophy were that they created the sufism. They also studied racinal thought, and believed that by praying you could find gods love.